'd gloobl
vileex leńwix



rap & recepten

vertaald of herdicht

ingedikte gedachten


IńLuks speliń  of ‘d sound of vouwls en diftońs in Ińlish wuurds.
a/kat = cat  <>  ŕ/ŕl,villŕ,ŕdopt = all, villa,adopt  <>  aa/aart,faa’dr = art,father
au/kauz,kaurt,fauwn  = cause,court,fawn  <>  ou/hous,nouw = house,now
ai/fair,bair,’dair = fair,bear,there  <>  ň/ňf = off  <>  o/of, oliv = of,olive
oo/soo,loo = so, low  <>  oi/point,oistr = point,oyster  <>  u/us, ‘d = us,the
i/ is,hooli = is,holy  <>   ii/brief,biif = brief,beaf  <>  ie/aCieve,ier,nie,kie = achieve,ear,knee,key
e/bed = bed  <> ee/’dee,leet,mee = they,late,may
ui/xuis,buil,buik,tui = juice,bull,book,to  <>  ue/ true,fued,cued,sjuewr,xues,due,pjuer =
Uu/puurs,uurn,suurvnt,wuurs = purse,earn,servant,worse  <>  y/wy, Y,ryz = why, I, rise
IńLuks speliń  of ‘d sound of consonants in Ińlish wuurds.
b/ bob, d/dad, f/fief, g/gag, h/hotel, k/kink, l/lol, m/mum, n/nun,
p/pup, r/rear, s/sis, t/tit, v/valv, w/west, z/zest
ń = ng /sińiń,Ińlisj= singing,English , ‘t = th soft / 'tin,'teft,fai't = thin,theft,faith
'd = th hard / 'dat,'den =  that,then , c = tsj / curc,ceenx = church,change
j / jue,fisj,fjue =  you,fish,few , x = dzj / xin, Xon =  gin, John
q = kw / qik,qoot/kw = quick,quote.  'g /Lo'g = Loch
'D karuktr 'd stands alsoo for 'd aartikul "the". In endińs lyk: dubl, oovr, seknd, ets.,
'd  "u"  sound is not speld. If 'd stres is not on 'd fuurst paart of u wuurd, 
'd stresd paart staarts wi't u kaptl.
‘d gloobl vileex leńwix

D sosiiul, poLitikul, kultjuerul en iikoNomik benifits uf evuribodi spiekiń ‘d seem komun
leńwix biisyds his or huur mo’dr leńwix, wued bie iiNormus. EspeRanto waas espesialli
kriiEetud for ‘dis puurpuz. But biiKauz it is u komPlietli aartiFisiul leńwix, evuribodi had tui
luurn it from skratc. Esperanto ‘dairfaur nevr riecd ‘d kritikul mas of proFisiient spiekrs,
lost its moMentum en sloowli pietrd out.

Sins Wuurld Waar 2, Ińlisj is fuelFiliń ‘d rool of lińa franka tui u laarx eksTent.
Ińlisj vooKabjuelari konSists almoost enTyrli of wuurds of Angloo-Sakson (Xerman) en
Frensj (Latin) orixin, ‘dairfaur Ińlisj is veri akSesibl for moost JuerooPiiuns.
‘D prolifuReesjun of Ińlisj, by koloniiSeesjun on al kontinents in ‘d paast, by ‘d maur riisunt
Anglo/AMerican film en pop mjuezik kultjr en ‘d iikoNomikul akTivitis of ‘d multiNasjionul
konSuurns, aKounts for ‘d fakt ‘dat Ińlisj is nouw ‘d xiiooGrafikali wydust spraid leńwix,
spookn as fuurst or seknd leńwix by biljuns of piepl.

At ‘d seem tym ‘dair is subStansjiul opoZisjun against Ińlisj biiKumiń ‘d “oFisiul” wuurld
leńwic, beezd on kultjuirul, sjooviNistik en poLitikul aargjumnts. Stil, Ińlisj is ‘d oonli vyabl
opsjun for u gloobl vileex leńwic. But it wued suksied faastr en bettr if wan lińwistik opstakl
were loowrd: ‘d Ińlisj orTografi.
Ińlisj hais ‘d  adVanteex of a veri ric vooKabjuelari, but it laks un imPortunt riiQyrmunt for
u gloobl vileex leńwix, neemli : konsuqent speliń en pronunsiiEesjun ruels.On ‘d kontrari,
Inglisj hais probabli ‘d moost iLoxikal orTografi of al leńwixus.

‘D sooLuesjun is IńLuks, ‘d vuurzjun of Ińlisj wi’t u 100% foNetik speliń, jueziń oonli ‘d
alfabet karaktrs of u typiń kiebaurd, plus ‘d tildu and ‘d sińul qoot. Beesd on 'd
pronounsiAsjun of Oksford Ińlisj, IńLuks speliń is komplietli konseqent: evuri sound is
alwees speld ‘d seem uenik wee en evuri kombiiNeesjun of karaktrs is alwees pronounsd
‘d seem uenik way. In IńLuks ‘dair is noo doupt houw tue wryt u wuurd or houw tue
proNouns writn tekst, inkluediń  ‘d stress on ‘d ryt paart uf everi wuurd! Soo IńLuks tekst
kan bie raid korektli  by aniibodi aaftr les ‘dan wan our uf luurniń ‘d speliń ruels!

‘D loowuriń ouf ‘dis lińwistik obstakl for luurniń Ińlisj, sjued alsoo diminisj or ieven rieMuev
the poLitikul en sjooviNistik riiSistans against Ińluks as ‘d gloobk vileex leńwic.
Biekauz ‘d aargjuiments of  ‘dat kind wued bie maur ‘dan balansd out by ‘d akSeptuns by
neetiv Inglisj spiekrs of suc u drastik modifiiKeesjun uf ‘dair mo’dr leńwic.
the global village language

The social, political, cultural and economic benefits of everybody speaking one common
language besides his or her mother language, would be enormous.
English is fulfilling the role of lingua franca to a large extent. As most English words are of
Anglo-Saxon (German) or French (Latin) origin, English is very accessible for most Europeans.
As a result of colonisation on all continents in the past, of the “Anglo/American” film and pop
music culture and of the economic activities of the multinational concerns, English is now is
the geographically widest spread language, spoken as first or second language by billions of
people. Clearly, English is the only viable candidate for the role of global village language

On the other hand there is substantial opposition, based on cultural, chauvinistic and political
sentiments, against English becoming the official world language.
English orthography is another obstacle. English has a very rich vocabulary and a relatively
simple grammar, but probably the most illogical and inconsequent orthography of all
languages. This is a serious difficulty when learning the language.

IngLuks lowers these  cultural, political and linguistic obstacles all at the same time.
IngLux is the version of English with a 100% phonetically spelling using only the normal 
characters of a typing keyboard.
IngLux spelling is logical and consequent: every sound is always spelled the same unique way
and every combination of characters is always pronounced the same unique way.
So, anybody who knows the alphabet can, using the spelling table below, read a text in IngLux
correctly, with the stress on the right part of each word.
All chauvinistic arguments against IngLux as global village language must fade in the
realisation that native English speakers are, unasked, confronted with the equivalent of the
digitalisation of the orthography of their mother language.